Masterful Investments


Real Estate

  • > 3.5 mm² developed floor space
  • > 900projects realised
  • > 10 bn €project volume realised
  • > 2 bn €proprietary assets in our portfolio
  • > 850,000 m²floor space under development
  • > 4 bn €project volume under development


  • > 90films and documentaries made
  • > 20years experience

The HALLMANN CORPORATE GROUP is comprised of several internationally active enterprises and numerous participations from a variety of sectors.

Aside from developing and adapting valuable and high-quality real estate projects in Austria and Europe, the group is active across the globe as a real estate investor for a diverse range of projects – from residential to commercial.

In addition, the group owns participatory holdings in a broad portfolio of sectors and fields, such as financial services, medical research, and international film & television production.

Klemens Hallmann and the HALLMANN CORPORATE GROUP also support a great number of social institutions, projects and initiatives devoted to the well-being of man and the environment.

All fixed assets are held in sole ownership, without participation of outside investors. A clear, consistent and sustainability-orientated investment strategy ensures stable growth.